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There are good

reasons you should be

serving Yahava

We have spent two decades exploring and developing

a range of coffees that suit the Western Australian palate.

This has required us to work hand in hand with

our partners offshore on the estate and our partners here

on the ground in food and beverage.

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Our Coffee

We are first and foremost specialty coffee roasters.

We have a collection of nine blended and

single origin coffees that span the entire taste spectrum.

No matter what day of the year, we have each

of these coffees ready to deliver and ready to brew.

That means  year round, you can have

a preferred coffee in your grinder,

that is always there and always available.

Technical Support

You can aspire to making and serving great coffee but there are a few things that can frustrate the process. The investment you have made in grinders, espresso machines and accessories are significant but it doesn't end there. Keeping your kit in peak working condition is where we can also help. We know firsthand, the challenges that arise everyday.

In short, we have got your back.


Barista Training

Becoming a skilled barista requires practice and

commitment to ongoing learning. At our academy and

on site each week, we are teaching all the skills you

will ever need. Setting the grind, making the perfect extraction, stretching of milk and maintenance of your equipment is the difference between serving an average

or great coffee. Whether your staff are relative

newcomers or seasoned professionals we will be there

to help.

Ordering made easy

We are not just suppliers: we hold your stock for you

and we deliver to your door. Just-in-time is no longer

just a convenience, it is how we keep your stocking

and storage to bare minimum. With 'Ordermentum'

ordering is easy, your financial outlay is reduced

and a good amount of your inventory and bookkeeping

is done for you. Also, we are always a phone call away.

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To your door

We understand just how important it is to have stock

'just-in-time'. The fluctuating workloads in cafes

and restuarants create difficult to predict pressures

on stock. We make regular weekly deliveries to Perth

and throughout the Southwest, aiming too keep your

business running efficiently, day in and day out.

From the moment you need a replacement stock, coffee,

cups or equipment, you just sing out and we will have

it to you asap.

"We have been roasting and supplying coffee to retailers

in Western Australia for over 20 years. It has been two decades of building skills

and the experience you can take home to your business.

We aim to make your life easier and your coffee, the best in town."

Paul Davies


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