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Our Teas

We are famous for our coffees but what many may

not know is that we also have an extensive range

of eight premium leaf teas.  All have been selected

with the same scrutiny and attention to detail

we apply to our coffees. We choose estates capable

of delivering consistently high-grade leaf tea from an offering that includes black, green, flavoured

and herbal teas. Sophisticated, elegant and prepared

for the most discerning palate.


Available in 500g, 250g and 125g packs and in packs

of 50 silk purse tea bags.


Our biggest selling products, by a country mile,

are the Iced Koffee and the Chai Latte Elixirs

both insanely popular sellers at our iconic

KoffeeWorks. Both can be made with milk or milk alternatives and come into their own

over the summer months.

The Chai Latte Elixir can be

served iced or as a hot drink.

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Our range of flavourings and sweeteners contain the most popular selections. Hazelnut, Vanilla, Karamel and Kane Sugar are classic coffee sweeteners, but we have added Peppermint, an increasingly requested chocolate drink additive. Uses go beyond coffee flavourings and many buy to use as ice cream toppings and sweet dessert sauces.

Chokolats & Frappé

No matter what time of the year, chocolate beverages

are always popular and none more so than our

Hand Blended Drinking Chocolate.

Made by the same chocolate factory where

the process of ‘dutching’ chocolate originated.

The result is a sweeter dark chocolate.


Frappes are another 1960’s beverage enjoying

a resurgence and one sip of this frozen treat

will explain all. Originally just a coffee drink

we have added Chokolat and Mokha to the range.  

Frappe and Chokolate Powder Website Photo.jpg

Equipment & Gear

You won't be pouring 'rave about' coffees without

the right equipment or gear. To keep you pumping

out that 'black gold' we have a range of equipment

and gear, all of which have been proven to be

the absolute best in our own retail outlets.

There is a huge list that includes Take Away Cups 

and Lids - 6oz cups, 8oz cups, 12oz cups, 16oz cups, 6/8 lids and 12/16 lids. Merchandise - selection of barista equipment, milk jugs, thermometers, scales, knock tube, hand tamp. Cleaning Products - Caffeto machine cleaner, Inverso milk jug cleaner, cleaning brush, cleaning discs

and way more.

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